In my college days, we all students were putting our whole effort to move to an IT profession. Now a days I understood that IT profession is not only a pathetic lifestyle but also it snatch out a hell lot of health out of you.

Now a days IT jobs in india can be broadly classified amongst four different types. They are as follows

  • Development/design/resarch of new product. I mean a product not a tailormade software solution for a particular client. It is like ‘TALLY’ not XXFINSYS ( a finacial accounting package which is developed by a small group of developer for a particular organisation XXP). Currently these jobs are not abundaunt or the supply of IT experts to much in the market. Normally the cream portion of the IT experts get chance working on it. The jobs/research activities in the institutes and universities also are under the same category.
  • The It service sector, normally badnamed as night shift jobs. We Indian get these jobs because we work at cost of donkeys not human. Other jobs also are night shift jobs because most of the clients want to get his solution solved at night time (less working time). Client work less at least on one timeslot in a day, IT experts remain alert throughout the day and works in night. Feel the SURF-ism or the labour (intelligent) oppression at the time of TSAR has come back in the new mood wearing new DRESSES.
  • IT jobs in an end user organisation. This was initially dominating the IT jobs in indian market and real good. People used to research, develop solution and enjoy the life as well as status (normally used to work inside a small AC cabin with big IT working and junk hardware around with light smell of heatsink paste) and good paypackage. But the scenario changed, currently most of the busines has started outsourcing the IT/IS departments, even if some organisation still keeping the same the growth of the peole working there is choked. Everytime they ask for a betterment they are getting threat of outsourcing by business.
  • Fourth one is the freelancing… this has atleast an advanatage of chhosing your job and as well as the quality and time but this is still very very uncertain way of earning bread and butter out of it.

So Parents ! Don’t get amused when your kid show you his/her expertise in information technologies. Show him right path or spoil his future.