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I was reading a powerpoint presentation Oracle Hot Standby Database by Chris Lawson  at DBA Specialist and it is an eye opener for me. I wonder, for any oracle application, database administrator/ system administrator must look for an option of creating a standby….Oracle Dataguard is an brilliant option.

Consider the case for a major changes in the architecture, a hardware maintenance for a longer (of hours) period will always benefit out of it. Business can continue on standby database (after switching it over as primary) and the hardware box which was hosting the actual database and application can be released to engineers for maintenance.

But the problem always is to provide justification for the additional budget that is required for configuring such a setup. And over and above also earn confidence on the old version bosses (Outdated in terms of technology -specially those have some technical background – and now managing… Simply because they cant cope up with pace of new things came out – grew old – depends and believe on the myths / fictions by their service providers technicians) that this new technology works. In fact I am also facing a terrible question from my boss, that this is going to attract a license fee. This is terrible…I am unable to convince such people…..I cant do anything, only wait and see…. The future will tell the truth….

I re-blogged the same today (14/08/2010) and cant help stopping a backlink from here …The universal schematic on the same