I have a small kid, who likes to watch different cartoon channels, and shamelessly I do admit that I too like them. I am a silent watcher of the reactions my son and his friends. Apart from Micky Mouse, there are Hathori, Doremon,  Power Ranger,  Hero etc etc, Diego etc. Yes to admit, micky mouse helped my child to learn counting, Diego helped him to increase his IQ on jungle and expedition but Power Ranger, Hero and similar kind of cartoons which is spreading the psychological virus to our society. Children try to imitate, does fighting, try deadly tricks and all nasty. The expression of anger, enmity bursting out against each other when they play…..

Request to all cartoon channels like Hungama, Jetix, Pogo,,, Please stop broadcasting this kind of cartoons and sit back and think a while.

I really surprise, in my country some people are fighting in the court against english film but they do not understand that the new generation is being poisoned….These serials are only means of sailing of some toys (no doubt the artist created them thaught about these in most intoxicated condition), in the name of children amusement they are actually destroying the society….

Let’s all be concerned of it……