My days are passing by chasing wild goose. I am working in a team supporting SAP R/3 4.6c. We are having a huge database with rate of increase per month is 60 GB and similarly increasing rate of customized programs. And here is the catch, this customer programs are mainly report and I feel have the most wild design and requirement and our challenge is to keep the buzzing (system is slow) of user low.

I am a database administrator, and only last three years I am working in SAP and tried lot of things to improve the performance. Once again I am thinking to keep my scribbling on this topic, and like to start. What I face is lot of pointing fingers to each other from user, functional consultants, ABAPERS, Basis and DBA. The way out I followed may help lot of people and may raise the eyebrows of Lot of BASIS people who earnestly hate to listen to suggestion of DBA people. Besides are also the contractual obligations on different ranges….

Yes, praying god to put the things into most structural format as far as possible and then finally publish them…

This is the high time, I am starting….