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Comparative to other existing blog site, wordpress is my first choice because they provide the facilities like pages, which is the ideal way of grooming up new writers.

But you need to experiment a lot of them to properly reorganise your pages otherwise, even if there are ample numbers of free and exciting theme available, you will not be able to use them.  Like in my case I am a struggling, because I am unable to use those themes providing Menu. As because the heading of my pages are often lengthy it looks very clumsy on those pages where the pages are shown in the menu.

Sometime I feel that in the visual editor there should be an option for the container for the placing the pictures properly in blog. Otherwise changing themes will not be an easy task.

and Finally it would have been a great if WordPress allow direct import from the word file or from the PDF file which contains diagrams & pictures also as well as text and hyperlinks and tables..