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Today frontpage Times of India showed some of the example of Ramalingam Raju’s kingly living… The way the news was published .. showing astonishment is completely wrong.

This is not only the living style of Mr. Raju, most of the top ranking people live same kinda life…This is the time now people should demand cross verification for them also..Both Govt, Public and Private sector has the same style…Then only people will understand, how much these so called business magnets are siphoning organisations fund, how much they depriving shareholders and employees and how much they are injecting poison for the generation….

Who has this information? SEBI? CBI? or any other bodies?

And most surprisingly in all the organisation, HR plays most helpfull roles for these imposters upto the last end…..Their duty ends whenever a need to revive the Bosses charcter is required.

Indian Constitution are always being exploited by political and business frauds…..

All these incidents for sometime raises the income of the media and doing nothing else….Times Of India and other newspaper now should slightly think about their social responsibility (which most of the newspaper boast for their journalism) by raising the demand of cross checking or at least listing these kind of information for all organisation, Govt public or private…

Workers in India…Beware of Rabid Managements pickpocketing your organisations money which in turn will leave you as jobless.

God bless all….