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Today at Mumbai everyone started celebrating the festival of colours,,,in fact it has started in small segments last two days..

Although I don’t like to play and part in Holi, I enjoy observe it and some small but important things I note….
The story of Holi 2009 has started with some accidents which also came into the Local News paper, The Times Of India – Mumbai edition. This is caused by throwing plastic bags full of mud and battery waste to bikers. who knows how many more such incidents were not lucky enough to get newspaper coverage?

Another important point to notice that today billions of plastic bags will be used as a tool to throw colours…Two days ago, another news surfaced on the front page only saying INR 5000 fine for citegens using thin plastic bags. So where are representatives of authorities today…If they are in the market, then today collection in Mumbai alone could have been thousands of millions in INR.

Whether mumbaikar forgot the 2005 flood? One of the reason was plastic bags jammed all drains….

Why instead of banning thin plastic bag use, the production units are not banned and stopped? This question will remain un answered…

Actually in India everything is legal in the name of religion and culture..