Last two days we faced a strange situation..I need to create a service connection for SAP to debug and solve one of my ticket. We struggled whole two days but unable to make the connection.

My OSS connection available in the transaction SM59 was giving OK result both for connectivity as well as authorization test, but whenever we were trying to make the service connection we were receiving the error “T:3220 Error in program ‘SAPServiceConnector’: ======> SAP_CMINIT3 : rc=20 > Connect to SAP gateway failed”

We raised the issue with SAP as well as our VPN provider for the same, and both did a hell lot of analysis. although I should mention the entire method was chaotic at least in case of SAP person handling the call.

Ultimately we were able to fix up the scenario, by removing CISCO VPN client 5, with an earlier version…The engineer from the side of VPN provider was saying that there is a bug in this version, and as the problem is solved in this way, I need to agree on his point.

But still, I was using this version of VPN Client since last 8 months and more but we never had faced any such issue…

This is a puzzle