Lot of good news, I finished a big chunk of jobs,  finished solution configuration for One set of my SAP landscape,  approached for the other set with a target of this week….

Ultimately, yes , Thane people saw rain, yesterday afternoon, sky remained clouded….Till now, today there is no rain…..

This help us to rely more on that the weather forcast, saying arrival of monsoon for Mumbai from Monday Jun 22, 2009 …

Stop destroying Trees and Hills, they are helping rains….Otherwise, all your properties and investment will dry……Like a desert…..You will have huge water nearby, creating views from your balcony but not satisfy your thirst….

This time already there is a warning for the days of High Tide, Excessive rains and more or less it reminds me the the year 2005….It happened same, rain came late, and Heavy rain flooded Mumbai, and yes now a days lot of more plastics…..We played Holi with colurs and plastics, hope God does not involve flood with destruction and plastics……

“Water Water Every where!
Not any drop to drink”……..
Samuel Taylor Coleridge

With hopes for rain, hopes for life and hopes for peace….