This is once told by one of my respected colleague…And it is true…So many things I am finishing up but do not have enough time to record it in a meaningful fashion. Writing / Documentation is an art and this a skill which can earn honour for you.

My second set of solution creation thru solution manger finished almost a week ago…But now a days I hardly get time to write. I do really like to own a device which will help me to record my notes from my diary directly when I wrote them….

I am now doing an interesting job of installation and configuration of BI-Java. I am learning so many things ……Hope I will be able to write that too.

With a hope that foods price are coming down…..Right from the cereals to the fruits, price of everything is four folded in last one and a half of years…. Leaders of India are playing the role of Jokers of  a circus and the media are like drugged tigers in side the cage and afraid of the electric shock from the ringmasters…(Political hoodlums) in India. Too bad….and this will go on and this actually one of the attributes by of Indian govt. when it is Congress is a part of India…..

With a hope that this nonsense jokers will understand ….

With a hope for good food to all….