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Continuing to my thought process now I am trying to take down the factors, and they are the following…

  1. Additional backup – OS backup administration job. – This is nothing new, as the /usr/sap directory are being backed up regularly (some knowledgeable and understanding people might say it as an waste but anyway /usr/sap directory is actually is not much of a space, rather I will call this an attitude toward security), and the spool file are residing under the global directory hence this point is neutralized.
  2. Security – The file can be accidentally deleted by OS administrator. – Spool can be accidentally deleted even from the database by any one who is having authorization to TemSe, and normally access to the OS user i.e. <sid>adm is with the same basis administrators.
  3. Problem with spool consistency check in case of any problem in the spool – This is something which can raise eyebrows and it’s a pain really.

Now what are in benefit, the benefit is on the speed of the printing job.  Even if it lessens the printing time even for at least 5  seconds, a 24/7/365  counter (SAP user) who prints 3 documents in a minute can save 15 seconds of a minute i.e. actually you are saving a quarter out of an year of manpower. Reversely, you are able to do actually 15 months job in 12 months. So time is money, and I like to give it chance.

And the proverb goes – ” No pain no gain ”