After a long vacation from blogging (actually a period of very hardworking in office 😉 ) I came back.

The topic where I spent a considerable amount of my time is to determine which are the patches required for my sap installation and which are not.

We were deciding over the patches required after we upgrade our Oracle database from to Oracle

Although I was in favour of applying all the individual patches as mentioned in the SAP Note 1137346 – Oracle 10.2.0 – Patches-patch collections for Oracle  and then the CPU patches as in SAP Note 1427900 – CPU Patches January 2010 (Oracle Critical Update Program) SAP Note 1427900 – CPU Patches January 2010 (OracleCritical Update Program). But our DBA who is really very good in his subject were in favour of  applying only the CPU patches as because he was not sure if some thing to revert as because of the cases special to us, we may not be able to do so.

Finally we raised an SAP ticket and SAP support team gave a very relaxed reply and included also the note which is related to application of oracle patch for Oracle version

Long live confusions ….. It helps more people to earn.