One puzzling thought came into my mind. I am running a SAP landscape with a Disaster Recovery(DR) server. This is configured using the Oracle dataguard facility. So the database remains at the standby phase and SAP instance kept shutdown. So that data replication goes on and whenever I am in disaster I can fail over to DR by activating and opening the standby database in read write mode and then starting the SAP instance

Now the question is……..

The Oracle database of SAP  system is kept in standby mode this can not be kept in read/write mode because it breaks the Oracle dataguard combination with the primary active SAP instance.  The health of the standby (DR) system is actually very important, because you never know when you do require to fail over to DR. In this condition how solution manager can help out? As database is in standby mode you can not start SAP instance and if SAP instance is not started yet, how does solution manager can help?