I was searching a good poem from internet for my kid to help him prepare for the competition. Both me and my wife was looking for a poem which is rhime enough but at least have some length…..No we were not satisfied after we go thru almost about 57 poems, they were either too small or too deep (not suitable for a kid). When we were discussing, I suddenly remember a day almost 3 year back…My dad suffered a severe cerebral attack, and I traveled back to native place to meet him in the ICU unit.

What I saw and understand that the time for my dad just went back by 10 years…Looking at me he first reacted why I am not serious about my interview to a particular company (incident 12 years back) and why I am not carrying the file containing my certificates..And to my surprise he recited me some very big poems which he have read during his secondary exam…..

This is really surprising, this seems a lot of things what human forget actually doesn’t get wiped off  from the most complex and efficient database (Human Brain) but you only need to execute an efficient query mechanism  which digs deep into it and bring the most surprising result set……

The amount of data and the storage space (within such a small volume) is really a challenge to humankind.