A good exercise for understanding the concept. I often reread this writeup on OTN by Vivek Sharma…I was just trying to investigate a performance issue today and came back to this page once again.

Here author rightly said ….

‘In contrast, B-tree indexes are well suited for OLTP applications in which users’ queries are relatively routine (and well tuned before deployment in production), as opposed to ad hoc queries, which are much less frequent and executed during non-peak business hours. Because data is frequently updated in and deleted from OLTP applications, bitmap indexes can cause a serious locking problem in these situations.’

Similar issue one basis consultant always comes across during the development and implementation of SAP BW project. To mitigate such scenario SAP kept option of a process chain, where one need to first drop the indexes, then load data and then recreate indexes….Specifically BW developer often come across with a problem associated with an error message ORA-0060 and DBIF_RSQL_SQL_ERROR in the dump analysis transaction ST22. Reference and information available for SAP consultants in the “SAP Note 631668 – DEADLOCK when loading data into InfoCubes”


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