Ultimately a good week ends with a successful event. I always wonder, what if suddenly one need to create an index in an SAP OLTP landscape to spped up one of his customiZed report program? Consider this index is being created on a table which is huge in size? More than a GB which may be on a table like BSIS or VBAK or so? Which is always been used by your users 24X7?

You transport this index from your development system to production…As because your table contains only a few hundreds of records in it may less than 1 MB even in size, you didn’t face any problem transporting the same in your quality system where quality check is done with a Gala Success?

On your dismay, when the same is transported into your production, suddenly you will listen a hue and cry from everyone,,, the system gets stuck…..And a basis person is a scapegoat….

So what is the lesson learned? Mainly three……

  1. Basis consultant, before starting a transport must look into the object, whether the same contains any index….
  2. Management of a SAP consultancy should stop blue eying  such functional or ABAP consultant who without disclosing the fact (the impact on availability of live system) simply release a request for transport which contain a deadly index. This is a sheer nonsense practise.
  3. SAP prescribed 3 system landscape do not help you put a guarantee on the availability of a production system.

I am in a hurry now, may be I will come back to update this port or write a new one how to tackle this kind of  scenario.
index creation SAP oracle