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My well-wisher always used to ask why I am so reluctant about writing about me in the blog. So what shall I write? Shall I also include a photograph of mine? So many recent news of data theft from job sites e.g monster, social sites e.g. facebook, google is actually raising the cause of getting afraid.

Every one of such free service provider always create a policy document which is actually helps the to wash their hands off in case of such an event, and has every right to do so. Anyone who needs to use such service actually (and alarming percentage of them simply do not read the agreement before doing so) agrees their terms and condition only then be able to use such free service.

What if the agency (the person) which is asking your CV for a new opportunity exploit with vital information in it  or leak it to potentially dangerous third-party?  This may land up from a minimum annoying calls of marketing department of different consumer products or may be (disclosing  your date of birth is actually exposing one level of secrets of your banking transactions.

The Irony here is the banks and financial institutes, who are supposed to be very strict against such malpractices are actually main customer of such database (your particular without your knowledge is hacked and put in the gray market).

……….What do you think? From tomorrow onwards you will stop blogging ? or remove your accounts from the popular site like Orkut / facebook?…..Puzzle in the real life….