Almost two and half years ago, I tried to explain my thought on oracle Dataguard with my colleagues and seniors, ultimately denied about the viability. Finally I just blogged….

But today I am really relishing with the new though that I am not entirely confused but have brilliant ideas. We achieved very low Effective Downtime of Business Application [EDBA ;)] when we upgraded SAP. The EDBA was about 4 hours instead of 18/20 hours standard as seen by SAP. Please note that they (SAP) are correct as actually they do not consider the scenario of using a standby application ( We were using Oracle Dataguard.)

So I thought to write a universal schematic about my thought which do not only applies for SAP but for any other business application running Oracle database in the backend.

I was reading a powerpoint presentation Oracle Hot Standby Database by Chris Lawson  at DBA Specialist and it is an eye opener for me. I wonder, for any oracle application, database administrator/ system administrator must look for an option of creating a standby….Oracle Dataguard is an brilliant option. Consider the case for a major changes in the architecture, a hardware maintenance for a longer (of hours) period will always benefit out of it … Read More

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