Although I was really happy, in fact comparing to others when I chose this theme several months back. But suddenly today I realised, that this theme has a little problem, whenever I browse thru menu, as my page headers (about 20 Chars long) appearing as submenu is simply appearing scrolled. This is creating a problem as I am unable to see the lower ones….

For ECC6 EHP4 installation pages I have reduced my heading length but, at least in opera I understand that this is not working properly…this is same for Firefox as well as IE8. I wish I could manage the width of the pulldown menu…then it would have been fantastic.

May be I will be shifting for some other theme…..let me check….

But the bottom line, till date this is the best suited for my blog…As I have not found a second one alternative…..inove is rated nearer but frankly speaking….It cuts a portion of my images and texts……