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I am always in the favour of upgrading my IE, even though seniors and managers told me not to do it a hell lot of times…

After a journey of 8 months with the new version i.e. IE 8, I am forced to switch back to IE 7. Mainly because of two things…

  • Annoying yellow triangle coming up in left bottom bar of the different browser and
  •  the most important clause is incompatibility with the SAP portal. Suddenly from yesterday it stopped me showing contents of ESS and MSS portal.

Besides there is always an issue with the sap market place…I am really not sure whether or at all SAP is looking into it or not….

Their site does not function fully with internet explorer 8 as well as Opera…..So bad, SAP is dreaming to do better, releasing many pages blue presentations with full of big talks about their new products, but simply has not design their product in such a way that it works fine with latest generation of browsers..like ie8 and opera….

Very very annoying….But no options left…..