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This week went through with a lot of experience on visualization, a handfuls on my experiment with SAP business Object server on virtual machine, connection to SAP and connection to a Microsoft SQL server. My business object server is installed over Linux.

The week ended with a gala experience from SAP Teched 10 Bangalore, and started with a great session on visualization and clouding….Lot of things came clear to me. I had a some little experiences on installations of different servers and testing connectivity and understanding the ODD issues (normally such issues are always overlooked by project managers and the project sustain with sustaining tiny scars which only grew bigger) like VMware, zen, Microsoft virtual machine etc,,,, but real hyper-visioning things are  more prominent than earlier …

Apart from the above, I am also trying to do something with WEBUI…learned some small things like how to create universes etc…..

I am hopeful to share the connectivity thing by a couple of days in my business objects pages….

And oh yes, I am thinking of introducing a page declaring my goofs in this blog….

Christmas is approaching to me with lot of boiling ideas, let see how many of them I can achieve….