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This is another fine article I came forward…..Recent past I often used to face the music, can you think about a Oracle RAC spreaded over multiple geographical locations ..physically thousand of miles apart…..

This is definitely something very good, and infact has a spike in my thoughts on setting up Disaster Recovery Service and Business continuity.

Altough a more detail study on the availability, performance and cost is required, but sure it is a good lead to look into.

Through the wormhole with Stretched Clusters Last year, EMC announced a new virtualization product called Vplex. Vplex allows logical storage volumes to be accessible from multiple locations. It boldly goes beyond existing storage virtualisation solutions (including those from EMC) in that it is not just a storage virtualisation cluster – but merely a storage federation platform, allowing one virtualized storage volume to be dynamically accessible from multiple locations, as if they were co … Read More

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