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A good deal has been in written here in summarised from about the hype Business Objects and the Xcelsius (the biggest) of them.

Only problem is some of the consultants available in the market still prefer to work in BOXI 3.1, and one of the main reason cited is the Job scheduler not working properly in BOXI 4.0. I was also told BOXI 4.0 is still in rampup, was out for a few days for genaral, ut agin called back to Rampup…

And some of them still prefer to use direct link for Xcelcius (using client tools) instead of connecting through the Universe. And there is the reverse theory also available…..

SAP should comeout with a concrete standard on this.

Dashboard Design SAP BusinessObjects Dashboard Design (formerly called Xcelsius) contains new features and enhancements that are focused on improving productivity and direct enterprise data connectivity. These features and enhancements include new and updated support for SAP BusinessObjects Universe queries and integration with SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise.   Dashboard Design caching and processing servers A new data processing layer is availab … Read More

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