This is a classic example of hiccups for a  single window solution. A customer of Oracle gets access to metalink, A customer of SAP Purchasing Oracle as bundled one, earlier used to get at least read only access to metalink, it is being months this access is stopped citing security reason.

It is frustrating condition, every time you need to see something o the fly, you need now to raise a SAP message in the market place, wait for the SLA time, and then get the documents…….

A customer of SAP who purchase oracle bundled is actually a customer of both Oracle and SAP and both OEM must understand that they have the responsibility to those customers…….. they may fight law suite for millions of dollars, but they must not forget their responsibility.

I am bored whenever I open SAP “Note 758563 – Oracle Metalink access for SAP customers” which says….

” Atttention
Because Oracle does not allow generic users for metalink access anymore for any customer due to security reasons, the metalink users SAP customers used in the past (see below) are not working any longer. SAP and Oracle are currently working on a solution. Further details will be announced in this note immediately when available.
If a special metalink document is needed please open a message on BC-DB-ORA with reference to this note and the request to forward the message to Oracle developement support to provide the document.
Please ignore the rest of the note until this header section is removed.”