After a long absence…

After a long period of absence, I posted something today and once again sat with some materials of writing on SAP monitoring ……Configuration of of central monitoring system with Solution Manager etc….How about  creating a new section as ‘/log’? Logs and alerets are something indispensibale part of the monitoring….

5 thoughts on “After a long absence…

  1. Hi Soumen,
    We would like a SAP instance set up for development purposes with the following:

    1. ECC 6.
    2. SCM 7.0
    3. Netweaver Gateway

    Would you be interested in setting this up for us – not for commercial use only internal consultants at TiffinSolutions. We would be interested to receive a quote to set this up entirely on our servers – and provide us the required documentation.

  2. Hi Soumen,
    We are an SAP mobility partner – that provide clients SAP services for both functional and technical requirements. The purpose of the installation is for our internal development needs.

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