This is the page where I have started collecting minute notes. With hope

locations…like in my Diary, wallet, and even in mutilated piece of
paper….The Nature of this page is of frequent change, more appropriate
addition. So I thought it will better to rename this page as “/tmp”. Here I start:
I recently change the contents of this page and add the notes as a sub pages. Because it is highly problematic to fix and maintain a template. After all no body writes small pica notes in a well maintained diary using Parkers….
Let see how does it is going to effect….

Approve patches in download basket when MOPZ fails Change Logical Client
Client and system setting Changes… Copying upgrade xml file when Solman to Marketplace link is down.
Create SPSTACK.XML from Solution Manager Important – SAP OS DB Migration
Updating IGS SAP logon load balancing
Running external command from SAP Monitoring database objects
Transport Releasing Problem ? Thumb rules for table buffering in SAP
Update and upgrade for BI Content Who have changed the system change option (SE06) and when?

1 thought on “/tmp

  1. Thanks so much for taking your time and wrote this blog. For a new Basis administrator, this is real dream informations.

    Keep up the good work!!

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