Copying upgrade xml file when Solman to Marketplace link is down.

This is something I suffered from. I was in the midst of the upgrade of a landscape of NW 7.0 to NW 7.0 EHP2. In fact although I am writing this now, I have yet to taste the effect of the same. But I feel that it will work. So what happened actually?

  • I have created a maintenance optimizer transaction for my development system, to fix the required software list and down load the software.
  • and using that transaction I have generated an XML file for my development system
  • I did created another maintenance optimizer transaction and generate another XML file for my quality system.

But during my production upgrade, I loosed Solman to marketplace connectivity.  Marketplace is not accessible from solman and other SAP servers using SAPOSS connection.hat I did then? I saw in marketplace, and check the creation of XML file there, but it simply do not provide me the option of EHP2 direct….So this was a big issue for me, and then I searched and saw the following two notes, which is showing me the ray of hope. Lets see, if it is working fine, I will definitely comeback and update….Although I have a feeling of my inner self that this will work. the notes are as follows….I am sure, this will come into use of your help if you are ever stuck awkwardly in similar situation…..

  • 1600302     MOpz: Copy stack xml with a report  – Run the ABAP report ‘RPT_MOPZ_COPY_STACK_XML’ with transaction code ‘SA38’
  • 1649975     MOpz: Stack XML copy report correction for dual stack system
  • 1656579     MOPZ: copy stack xml report correction

But you need to apply the above notes as required in your system, before you run RPT_MOPZ_COPY_STACK_XML.

Is not it fun? I will comeback to tell whether it has worked or not?


2 thoughts on “Copying upgrade xml file when Solman to Marketplace link is down.”

  1. Hi Guru ,

    Could you please tell me issue is resolved those notes are helped or not? Can please share your experience here……

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