Important – SAP OS DB Migration

This is one very important among lot of of others when doing import operation during OS DB migration operation in SAP. This is something,most of the consultants gets stuck, specially those who are doing first time. Let us consider the case in the midst of your import operation, where because of any reason migration monitor terminated.

And when you restart, it does not come to the count where you have left last time,,,, instead shows count of the operation from he start. i.e.

Let’s look at the below example….

At time 9 AM you saw the status line of the ‘sapinst’ is showing

Import Monitor jobs: 10 running, waiting 1, completed 450, failed 0, total 461

At time 9:30 AM the sapinst / migration monitor terminated….

And when you restarts, the count starts like…..

Import Monitor jobs: 15 running, waiting 436, completed 0, failed 10, total 461

and this creates a fear in the mind, what happened? Why don’t it started from where it left? And when you study the “ImportMonitor.console.log” and subsequently to some failed task log file e.g. ‘SAPAPPL1_45.log” you see the following message….

“(TSK) ERROR: file /tmp/sapinst_instdir/ERP/LM/COPY/ORA/SYSTEM/CENTRAL/AS-ABAP/SAPAPPL1_4.TSK.bck already seems to exist
             a previous run may not have been finished cleanly
             file /tmp/sapinst_instdir/ERP/LM/COPY/ORA/SYSTEM/CENTRAL/AS-ABAP/SAPAPPL1_4.TSK possibly corrupted”

then what is the solution?

The Solution is SAP Note 455195 – R3Load: Use of TSK files……

use the merge_only option…and it will do the rest…Basic way to do it is

/sapmnt/<SID>/exe/R3load -merge_only SAPAPPL1_4.TSK

Assuming you are on the latest version of the kernel, i.e. above 640….If not then also other method of solutions available which you can adopt accordingly, but my experience says not using the manual method.


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  1. Nice tip! Thanks for sharing.

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