Updating IGS. – Added on 23/10/2009.

This is for updating IGS. – Added on 23/10/2009.

At the most I can only write mostly the
reference link Installing
and updating IGS
. In text the link is
….This is kept here in case you need to build one such references of your
open. Here is simpler summary for doing the things in war footing. This is
normally done as you do in case of kernel update…

  • Download IGS from service.sap.com/download. We
    need to download the executables (igsexe*.sar) as well as IGS folder
    structure..(igshelper*.sar). Use SAPCAR to extract the same.
  • Backup the kernel.
  • Extract the file in the same fashion and same
    location as you do in case of kernel upgrade.
  • IGS folder upgrade directory required to be
    extracted in the instance directory..(DIR_INSTANCE). Here is one catch,
    better to admit, I was actually looking in to the OS searching an OS
    environment variable with the name DIR_INSTANCE. In vain, I didn’t find one
    there…and actually it was my mistake, this is a directory defined in SAP
    and can be seen using transaction AL11.
  • Related notes to be checked for the same are as
  • Note 19466 – Downloading SAP kernel patches
  • Note 1028690 – True Type Fonts delivered with
  • Note 896400 – Upgrade your integrated IGS 7.x

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