Installation of any system or application is the right way to start knowing about the system/application. Installation activity is need to be planned properly with a careful eye to all the related things. Specially the following,

  1. Sizing of the hardware (This always helps one understand about the available hardware box, there capacities and skill for selecting a best one out of the available).
  2. OS related dependencies.
  3. Storage related dependencies.
  4. Backup related dependencies (knowing what to backup, when to backup, storing of logs and review of the logs – In a word formulation of backup/recovery strategy).
  5. Database related dependencies.

In this blog here, I have kept my different installation experiences (No I have no intention to teach any one about the subject – Because always the OEM manuals are the best source – And those are derived out of teamwork, whereas whatever I have written here is out my experiences only, with a hope that I can recollect/remember the scenarios when I refer, and may be some people sitting around this world will be helped.


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