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I have not kept any of the detail screens here as because the screens are no different than the others, As this is a new product of SAP not from Oracle. The same database will be installed. You don’t need to do anything except pressing the next button…..At the end the old method of execution of and script with root privilege will always be there as the following screen shows. Don’t forget to do this before you press OK button here, otherwise it will invoke lot of trouble which may even led you to reinstall…..
ECC6EHP4_ECC6EHP4_ECC6EHP4_Orainstaller final screen.
Once that is finished, come back to the SAP installer screen and press OK.Now continue the installation, as shown in the earlier screen. It will go on creating database and tablespaces. Remember for installation of IDES you need to have at least 400 GB hard disk space to go on…
One major surprise here comparing to the installation of ECC6 only or NW 7.00 is the database installed there at initial stage is, which I used to patch afterwards with But here when you install ECC6 EHP4 the database installed is of version and it does not let you continue installation unless you have updated to For the same in the product bundle they supply the ORACLE patch set DVD…

Refer to the following image …..

ECC6EHP4_ECC6EHP4_Software delivery tool screen 20
It is stuck in the steps of patch installation. In previous installation experiences of ECC6 or NW7 I didn’t see such obstacle during installation. Although sometime I use to install the patch immediately after the database software installation. This helped me reducing the installation time by one hour at least….Because I never had to run the update scripts like “catupgrd.sql” and so on.

My suggestion is if SAP is introducing this concept in their installer they keep it before “create database”. Secondly it will always help you to bypass backing up of existing database (about 350 GB size) having almost no business data as exports not went inside till this point which is a waste of time, media and manpower… thus money.. considerably.

For oracle patch installation create a directory which is not your ORACLE_HOME directory or under it. Extract the patch zip file using unzip command. It will unzip the whole thing inside a directory “Disk1”. Now login as a oracle user and then do “./runinnst”.

Before doing the same don’t forget to stop isqlplus, listener and database. I am writing this experience for a single standalone database, but those who are doing with Oracle RAC, should be more catious and I will suggest every one to read thoroughly the readme.html file which is always available in the root (not system root directory but where you have extracted the patch…In my case it is “/sapcd/orapatch10.2.0.4/”.

As soon as you run installer it gives you the following screen.

Just press next button here. This will led you to the next screen of prerequisite checks as follows. Here I got some error infact not error but check not done kind of thing. I simply ignored and went ahead…Since it was not error but the installer itself has some issue…I suppose it is not allowing to install in the same home…But it also said no error.
ECC6EHP4_ECC6EHP4_Orainstaller Patch Installer Screen 2
Then finally once again the script need to be re-executed as root. Finally the post upgrade things which is done by following steps…

  • Startup listener.
  • Startup database in upgrade mode.
  • Spool and run pre-upgrade information tool – utlu102i.sql
  • Spool & Run catupgrd.sql until all the errors are corrected.
  • Shutdown database and startup in normal mode.
  • Spool and Run utlrp.sql script to recompile all invalid PL/SQL packages.
  • check the status of all the components after the upgrade from table DBA_Registry.

After the whole thing is over, I went back to root and restarted sap installer and choose “to continue with old options”. This time it says oracle patch is fine….like below…

ECC6EHP4_ECC6EHP4_Orainstaller Patch Installer Screen 3
Now come back to the SAP installer screen and click on retry button, the will start and now the lengthies part will start i.e. the insertion of the data in the database importing of the IDES export. In my case it took 4 hours, in your case timing will be according to the speed of the server and the storage subsystem.
ECC6EHP4_ECC6EHP4_Software delivery tool screen 21
And finally the installation is over. No more writing is possible for me now. Hope by tomorrow I will come with with a separate page on the surprises and the wish list, and another page on the post installation thing…
ECC6EHP4_ECC6EHP4_Software delivery tool screen 22
***************** Other Pages on the same topic…. **************************
1. ECC6 – EHP4 installation – page1
2. ECC6 – EHP4 installation – page2
3. ECC6 – EHP4 installation – page3
4. ECC6 – EHP4 installation – page4
5. ECC6 – EHP4 installation – page5

7 thoughts on “ECC6EHP4 install Page-5”

  1. Sudip Saha said:

    Hi Soumen,

    ECC6.0 EHP4 IDES installation is very easy like other installation. But ECC6.0 EHP4 Non-IDES installation is not so easy as because the EHP4 installation dvds are not available in the market place.
    So this upgrade from EHP3 to EHP4 upgrade will be a challenging one.

    Remember I am talking about ECC6.0 EHP4 Non-IDES system

    So, if you can share this kind of installatoin then it will be help full for all.


  2. Hi Sudip,

    Many thanks for your message.

    The idea behind writing this blog, few years back was to share my experiences. In the age of unhealthy competition, I found technical people (specially in SAP arena) is always proud of their knowledge and work and do not like to share it others…This is a situation like ragging in the earlier days of college, you are in the receiving end of the shouting and pressure from your manager and and customer, and those non-sharing experienced seniors will always enjoy smiling over tea with the detailing on which easy and small things you do not know. But that do not solve your purpose…

    So the main point is not that what is easy or what is tough…But sharing the experiences..

    Because already the OEMs build a repository of volumes of documents since decades, and it is always possible that you can do it better or efficient way..but it is the availability of information which more or less easy to read, provides clue and help you to act upon when you are in crisis.

    From your comment it appears that you are looking for a challenging upgrade experience to EHP4 instead of installation.

    As per as the availability of media, for IDES and non-IDES, I can only say that except the exports all other media are same. Let me have a look into marketplace, I sure will come back with my findings.
    Regarding the upgrade experience, in the near future I think I will be able to share something on upgrading a SAP BW system to EHP level (may be 1 or 2).



  3. Hello Soumen,
    I was struggling to do SAP Ecc6 installation and your blog came just like a magic Mantra
    which helped me to learn installation.
    A great thanks to you for sharing such an exclusive blog.

    • Hello Anurag,

      Thanks for appreciation.

      Thanks & Regards, Soumen Chattopadhyay. =========================================== Soumen Chattopadhyay I do blog at: =========================================== _________________________________________________ I silently laugh at my own cenotaph, — And out of the caverns of rain, Like a child from the womb, like a ghost from the tomb, I arise, and unbuild it again. _________________________________________________

  4. Hi Soumen,

    Many Thanks for sharing your experiance and valuable docs with screen shots.

    I need one help, i want to upgrade from ECC6.0 system to EHP3, i have downloaded EHP3 DVDs from service market place but now how can i upgrade? i saw sap guide but not getting clear picture.

    Do i need to do with SAINT or EHPi tool?
    Please give me suggestion or any if you share any document to me really it will helpfull.


    Thanks in advance

    • Dear Venkat,

      You can do in both way, either thru saint or through the EHPi (EHP installer). If it is a solution manager then you only have the option of doing it through SAINT and spam(where ever it is necessary).

      Othewise you better do it through the EHPi. This is similar like the normal SAP upgrade. Actually I have started sharing my experiences on the EHPi, but not able to finish it yet. In fact I didn’t wrote almost a month, as because I was busy in my job and personal things….But hope I will finish it by this week.

      Regards, Soumen.

  5. Arpan Ghosh said:

    Hi Soumen,
    Just a small query, Actually I’m a beginner into this sap world…
    What is the difference between installing Ecc-6.0-Release-1 & Ecc-6.0-EHP6 ?
    I’ve opted the basis module & try to learn something before the certification !!

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