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This is an experience for installation of IDES server for ECC6 EHP4. This is also done on SuSE Linux 10SP3. At the time of writing this document, I have also planned to install the same on virtual machine but am not really sure about how to proceeed. Should I proceed with VMWare or proceed with XEN the virtual machine app;lication comes bundled with SuSE linux.

But before all I do need to look into the prerequisites of the installation, that is the media, the machine and the installation guide. The media list is as under…..

ECC6EHP4_Installation Media Set
Before starting the installation we need to go thru the minimum prerequisite checks.

Main things are the necessary C Libraries, Java, and the Java policy certificates. Lets check that step by step as below….

Command Set 1:

hssamums017:/ # rpm -q jpackage-utils


This shows that the jpackage utils are installed. We also do need to check up whether the the java jdk is installed or not.

Command Set 2:

hssamums017:/sapcd/misc # rpm -q java-1_4_2-ibm


hssamums017:/sapcd/misc # rpm -q java-1_4_2-ibm-devel


Just for a simple check you start SAPINST from the installation master. For this change your directory to the directory where U already have copied the installation master(for my case it was /sapcd/D51037622 then you go to the respective OS-Hardware directory. As I was doing the on and IBM blade server HS21 (as usual as my previous cases) it is a XEON processor 64 bit environment. Hence I choose the directory IM_LINUX_X86_64 and hence the full path of the directory is /sapcd/D51037622/IM_LINUX_X86_64. Here I have executed SAPINST. Please see command  below for the same.

Command Set 2:

hssamums017:/sapcd/D51037622/IM_LINUX_X86_64 # ./sapinst

As soon as I executed the command with a little surprise a cute little splash screen appeared which i didn’t see before or might have not noticed properly, like ECC 6 installation or BW installation.

ECC6EHP4 Splash screen
ECC6EHP4_Software delivery tool screen 1
This is the normal initial startup screen; from there I selected the tree EHP4 for ERP6.0 and it was another surprise. It seems the ABAP + JAVA installation mode is not there. On start only it is taking you into entirely different path for ABAP and JAVA. Look at the screen below for reference.

Although I was planning to do ABAP and JAVA separate instance with same SID this time from my learning in the BW project, but frankly speaking I never thought this type of surprise.

Lets’ see how any surprises more. As you see above I have selected the path Enhancement Package 4 for SAP ERP 6 à SAP Application Server ABAP àOracleà Central System à Central System for installing the central instance and clicked next.

Following screen appeared and I choose default installation only and went a step ahead.

It landed up in the next screen where I had to specify the SID of the system and mount directory of SAP and also understand UNICODE is not the RECOMMENDED but the only choice. May be there is a possibility for changing the option if I had clicked the Custom button typically in the previous screen as that gives you more flexibility of choosing installation parameter. No I also checked this option but this option too is not allowing me to do so. So one thing is very clear – UNICODE is not the RECOMMENDED but the only choice. As there is no other option I decided to click on the next button after specifying the SID and did actually no change in the SAP system mount directory and kept it as “/sapmnt”.
ECC6EHP4_ECC6EHP4_Software delivery tool screen 4
For next steps please look into the ECC6 – EHP4 installation – page2
***************** Other Pages on the same topic…. **************************
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2. ECC6 – EHP4 installation – page2
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