4. Post-Installation tasks

***************** Index of Pages on the topic…. ****************************
1. preparing os and system for SAP installation
2. installation of sap central instance.
3. installation of database
4. post-installation tasks

So after one finish all the previous 3 steps, the basis installation is complete. now what to do next? Need to go thru the post installation procedures. So how to go about it?

Minimal Post installation activity can broadly be classified as below..

1. Checking whether  your installed server is reachable from the presentation layer.
2. Checking whether the installation steps went thru properly.
3. Checking and updating the current version, support pack level etc.
3. Generate the existing modules in 000 client ( Some people may think this is  additional and unnecessary but this I feel a good practice.
4. Configuration of  WBO
7. Configuration of basic TMS.

As a first step you do need to check whether the SAP server installed (as I wrote in the previous pages or not). This may sound novice, but this is one of the vital test and should appear in the checklist of SAP/ECC6 server installation job sheet. So how do you do it? There are two different ways to do. Checking with SAP GUI or checking without SAP GUI. For SAP GUI checking you need to have a workstation which is having the SAP GUI installed, I will prefer GUI 710 minimum. Add a system icon by selecting the systems tab, clicking New Item. Double click on user specified system and then you select custom application server and provide system connection parameters. System connection parameter will require a Description, where one need to provide a name for SAP GUI system Icon, then in provide the ip address for the Application Server and 00 (zero zero as system no – Default for the initial installation) and the provide the SID. Do not put anything else on the sap router string.  Now double click on the newly created ICON, if login screen appears, then success is through otherwise it could be a problem of the SAP server services having some issue or the network between the presentation layer and the server is creating some issue.

As a second item of your post installation job, you need to run system installation check – use transaction code SICK.  You may also run the SM28 tcode too. This will display if there are any issue still persists or not. Now just run SCC4 transaction, this will show you how many SAP clients are visible? By default you will find there are 3 clients 000, 001 and 068 which are system clients and it is advisable not to use those clients as either a development or quality or production system. So make use of the installed SAP server we need to create a client.

Once we are confirmed that the basic installation went through successfully, identify the current version of SAP kernel, and the version preffered from the SAP service market place (http://service.sap.com”) remember that you need to have an Solution Manager already installed in your landscape to download most of the upgrade and patches for ECC 6.0. Download and apply those patches and supply packs from SAP.

Once base (default) installation is complete, generate all the modules in SAP. for this you need to run transanction code sgen. Before doing so please have a check what are the space availability in the database tablespaces. You may sometime need to increase tablespace sizes by adding a datafile useing BRTOOLS, if you are not familiar and conversant with the command line option for BRTOOL then go for the menu driven options to do that. Put the geneartion job in the background, and have a break…..It may took a few hours.

The next step is creation / redefinition of Work Bench Organiser. this one can do this by logging in the client 000 as DDIC. Invoke transanction SE06 where need to select standard installtion option and click the post installation process button. It will ask you do you want to reinstall CTS please say yes.

Next step in Creation of transport system. For the same you need to execute transanction STMS which will invoke a window which says Ïnclude system in transport domain. Normally the system name and transport domain name are already displayed, and it is only required to write the description and save the configuration. Now from the overview menu select the ‘transport route’submenu which display the canvas having transport route. invoke configuration menu and select adjust with controller. If you are asked to copy the transport route you may say yes here.

<<< I am currently roaming and axxessing this site via slow speed connection. Once I get back to location I will be updating screenshots…But I dont know how many…Because they are eating up a lot of space>>>

***************** Index of Pages on the topic…. ****************************
1. preparing os and system for SAP installation
2. installation of sap central instance.
3. installation of database
4. post-installation tasks

15 thoughts on “4. Post-Installation tasks”

  1. Basis Consultant said:

    great job dude….these are one of the very useful points for a SAP Basis fresher….I request you to provide screenshots too if possible…..and also post your other experiences……i am sure it will be appreciated…

    Thanks a lot

  2. Hi friend,

    Really superb, gr8 work. Its really helpful to start. I request you to kindly let me know while installing ECC 6.0 on linux machine with background of oracle. It is necessary to set the environment variables manually or it will allocated automatically.

    Here in the blog the screenshot are very small, kindly send me the installation document to iliyasniyazi2000@gmail.com please.


  3. Hi Iliyas,

    Thanks for your comment.
    You do need to set the system variables manually, it does not set automatically..

    Normally no application software installer change the system parameter, smart ones only indiacte the problem like oracle 10g installer, ECC 6 installer etc. Earlier installer especially I had very bad experience with SAP 4.6c..

    Actually blog and screenshot are not very small, it is sufficient provide you follow the reference document also what I mentioned…There are SAP notes and other documents also I mentioned.

    If you still have problems then can post and I will try to answer you as much as it is possible.


  4. Hi friend,

    Really superb, gr8 work. Its really helpful to start. I request you to give me all screeshot installation procedure of ecc6 and post installation process also.

    Here in the blog the screenshot are very small, kindly send me the installation document to shailendrakr0007@gmail.com please.

  5. Manoj Lathwal said:

    hi soumen,

    woww really gr8 job done.. very-2 helpful.. thanks..again.. i got this thread in my case helpfull tooo..

    you are very kind and intaligent guy..

  6. Hi Pal, you are doing a great job. Why don’t you compile the article in a single PDF or other format, so it’ll be easier for the people to download and refer them. Pardon me if I’m greedy.


    • Hi Sakthivel,

      You are right, I am also thaught in the same direction beforehand, but then any changes or upgrade in what I have already shared will be more diificult for me to manage.

      Anyway, I don’t think people who seeks information is greedy but who does not share information is so, and it is a reality that such people exists.

      Thanks for your comment.


  7. hi !!

    very thankful to you….
    but i think some more steps yet to describe…. please do that if possible….


  8. Good point….I am too lethargic, well I will finish that….

  9. Welldone dude, I appreciate ur work. Hats off 2 u!

  10. Great, can u provide me the screenshots on every topic of this SAP basis Module.

    • ??? What do you mean by screenshot of complete basis module?

      Thanks & Regards, Soumen Chattopadhyay. =========================================== Soumen Chattopadhyay I do blog at: https://soumen.wordpress.com =========================================== _________________________________________________ I silently laugh at my own cenotaph, — And out of the caverns of rain, Like a child from the womb, like a ghost from the tomb, I arise, and unbuild it again. _________________________________________________

  11. Abdul Rafay said:


    V.nice and helpful guide


    • Girish Sansare said:

      dear all,

      please give me step for client copy in ecc 6.0. once i create new client after that the user name and password is showing incorrect for new client user = sap* / ddic password = pass its not accepting..pls help me out…

      • Dear Girish, Try using the password for source client. If that do not wlrk then follow the following Set profile parameter no_automatic_user_sapstar=0. Then Delete rows from usr02 table for user SAP*. Restart the instance and you will be able to logon using pass.

        Regards, SOUMEN

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