1. Installation of SAP – BI 7 (Part 1)

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1. Installation of SAP – BI 7 (Part 1)
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This is another Sap installation experience. This is regarding SAP BI 7. In this article I will try to narrate and elaborate as much as my time, enthusiasm and knowledge permit with a fair amount of screenshots. Fellow SAP Basis consultants hope will admire such a ready available digest kinda material.  I have installed the BI 7 on Linux platform, and the Linux distro is SLES 10 SP2.
Here is my experience on installation of ECC6. This is better to admit that, SAP and its installation over SLES 10 SP2. I am writing this experience here, as how I did it…
Although I don’t want any technical / functional debates and won’t mind to receive any suggestion from any reader. My approach of doing the same was like chalk down the requirements, gathering the requirements, doing installation, backing up installation, testing and final release.
In my earlier article on ECC 6 installation I already wrote and discussed how to do the same on server hardware with an external storage box (e.g. IBM DS4700), hence no point of recapitulating the same. You can find the same here (Installation of ECC6. – An Experience itself) for easy reference, if at all you require.
So here I will start with the SAP media required for BI 7 installation. Although the list will have lot of things in common as in my other article for Installation of ECC6. – An Experience itself but it is required here to make this page a complete. Please go thru the following list of SAP media requirement for the installation.


Srl Product CD No. Type Description
1. 51030724 DVD SAP NW04 SR1 SAP J2EE Engine
2. 51031613 CD Oracle 10.2 64BIT 10.2 32BIT Client
3. 51032714 DVD (2 DVDs) SAP NETWEAVER 2004s (7.0) Support Package Stack 11 (java)
4 51031606 DVD NW 2004s BI Cont Add-On 3
5 51031676 DVD Oracle 10.2 64BIT RDBMS Linux on x86_64 64BIT
6 51031811 DVD Oracle 10.2 RDBMS Patch
7 51032246 DVD NW 2004s SR2 Installation Export.
8 51032257 DVD NW 2004s SR2 Java based SW Comp
9 51032260 DVD SAP Business Suite 2005 Installation Master for : SAP Netweaver 2004s, SAP ERP 2005 SR2
10 51032893 DVD SAP Netweaver 2004S SR2 Kernel 700 (LINUX x86_64 64bit)

Below is the screenshot, how I dumped all this media in a an installation store.

Screenshot showing BI 7 installation media dumped
***************** Other Pages on the same topic…. **************************
1. Installation of SAP – BI 7 (Part 1)
2. Installation of SAP – BI 7 (Part 2) – the CI
3. Installation of SAP – BI 7 (Part 3) – the DB
4. Post Installation Tasks – BI 7 (Part 4)
5. BI 7 post to post install – Journey of Basis to BI admin (Part 5)

19 thoughts on “1. Installation of SAP – BI 7 (Part 1)”

  1. need installation procedure of BI said:

    thanx for the site
    pls forward me the procedure of bi 7.0

    thanx in advace

  2. hi, can u send sap bi installation steps with screenshots , subbuk_psg@hotmail.com thanks in advance

  3. I already have an ECC6.0 installation. Where do I get “NW 2004s BI Cont Add-On 3” to install ? I really need to start experimenting with BI.

  4. Hi Amit,

    I am looking desperatly for the media of BI_CONT 703.
    SAP does not offer the download of that Package anymore, do you have the Media nr “51031606”, or files “KIBIIIH.SAR” and “KIBIIIC.SAR” somewhere?

    Would it be possible for you to make those files accessible to me somehow?

    Kind Regards

    • Hi Nikolas,

      I am currently doing upgrade of BW 7 to EHP1 SP 6. The things you mentioned is still available, at least service packs….Do you want the upgrade pack also? If so this means that you do not have even the 703. In that case, I should recommend you to go for 704 or higher version.

      Thanks & Regards, Soumen

  5. Hi Soumen,

    i got the issue resolved.
    It was possible to simply install BI_CONT 704 which resolved my problem.

    Thanks for your answer,
    greatings Nikolas.

  6. hi is there any way to download sap bi for free
    or guys could you tell how you got the software to install


    Looking Forward,

  7. hello soumen i have doubt after studying infocube how the data is allocated in in the infocube

    for eg : how the dimension tables n fact table are located in infocube(visually) please let me know
    hope you got my question!

    awaiting for your reply

  8. how to download that BI installation document

  9. Hi Soumen,

    I am trying to open Installation of SAP – BI 7 (Part 1) but unable to do that,


  10. Hi Vivek,

    It seems you are joking, as you posted in the same page which you mentioned non available.


  11. hello Soumen,
    can you please send me the link from where i can download sap bi

  12. Nice post I guess u didn’t use CD no. 51031606. Can you please share significance of BI Content

    • BI content consists in a laymans language of the shelf stuffs. In short infocubes and all, you may not need create a fresh one (obvious) once again it is decided on the customization you already have in your existing R/3 OLTP landscape….

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