5. BI 7 post to post install – Journey of Basis to BI admin

After a long time I am back once again to share my notebook pages. I remember once almost 3 yrs back I faced an Oracle DBA interview, who asked about the index organisation in a star schema – fact table.
Frankly that was the first moment when I realised that even if I gathered a long experience on Oracle database but I have no or very little idea about the data warehousing and business intelligence. In fact I didn’t get a chance to work or understand this as there was no such setup available. It was one day in April 2009, in a lecture session I learned that there are something called technical content in BI, which helps you keep track the on the behaviour and performance of the BI cubes defined and being used. The man presenting the session also told that once the BI technical content is configured and activated faultlessly, performance of the cubes and other BI business objects can be seen right from the transaction ST03n. As I am always interested about tuning of large database , this triggered my wish to learn tuning of a data warehouse in some form or other.
So you understood that this page will tell you in detail the how to activate and use the BI technical content.Although the same is available from different other Internet document source but here I recorded in detail the difficulties I faced in this job along with the screen shots and the different valuable  resources.

Generate BW Technical Content in SPRO

Generate BW Technical Content in SPRO

So What I did actually? for activation of the BI technical content you need to go thru the following path in the SPRO. Refer to the image above for the same.

SPRO->Display IMG->SAP NetWeaver->Business Intelligence->Settings for BI Content->Business Intelligence->BI Administration Cockpit->Activate Technical Content in SAP NetWeaver BI.

And as soon as I did the same , to my dismay and a mouthfull of bitterness, I landed up in the log screen with a huge nos of red bullets ..i.e. error messages. So what was the path? What I saw? Refer to the screen below.

Although the proverv goes failures are the pillars of success the real fact of life is nobody wants to fail…in the mission……..

I have yet to update/insert  all the screenshot in this page.

5 thoughts on “5. BI 7 post to post install – Journey of Basis to BI admin”

  1. hii
    its really great can u tell me what is ddic password wn i am selecting all software unit during installation is it is 19920706 or a master password which i have given during installation

    waithing for reply

    amit mishra

  2. Hi Soumen,

    Would like to see all the screen shots soon..

    Good initiative.


  3. Hi Soumen,

    I am also eager to see the screenshots of BI tunning.
    I really appreciate your patience and intelligence on the job you have done.


  4. BI installation screenshots are all there. but BI tuning? This is a good thing you ask. So far although I do it, I have not made a coolection of the same.
    Currently I am working on BW Sizing, and strongly hope that I will be pulishing it this week only.

    Your suggestion on BW tuning,,,,, I sure will come up. Its a new idea on which people can write hundreds of pages on theory and debates….But I will be sharing the real life experiences.

    Thanks for writing…

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