The writings her in my Weblog is my own opinion or thoughts and based on different incidents on my real life experiences and the processes or documents I followed different times. In fact this is nothing but sharing of my experiences.

I do not claim my knowledge as the most authentic as there are always the veterans, the seniors and the knowledge base of OEMs resulted out of the turmoil of so many days, months and years.

The scripts I shared here is created (my own), re-used, modulated, modified and tailored from different sources (books, teachers, internet etc). After a long journey in IT, more than 12 years (when I am writing this). After such a long time today, I do not recall the source of every one of them, and hence I like to call as my collection and published some of them which works fine for me.

This is not a business; I am not charging money to any one for anything, it is my own corner, own collection, if something found interesting, get benefit out of these, it will be my pleasure.

Don’t forget to comment, comments are welcome….I will try to answer you back, in most of the cases.

Oh I forgot to say…..don’t make me responsible for any comments of my visitors…..


9 thoughts on “/Readme”

  1. thanks for helping !

  2. soumen u r blog is not more than knowledge… it’s like portrait by artist.. awesome !

  3. Hi Ramachandram,

    Nice comment. So kind of you…..


  4. Hi Soumen,

    Very interesting & knowledgeable blog.

    it’s really helpful for any basis person.

    Thanks for sharing all this & please keep updating.

    Adil Fahim

  5. Hi Adil,
    Thanks for encouraging…

  6. Hi Soumen,

    Your posts are truly outstanding…

    i was wondering, if you are planning to post something about OS/DB migration?

  7. arpit setiya said:

    Dear sir,
    really I want to say thank you to u , this blog is very useful for those people they just started their career in sap basis module, we learnt lots of things from your blog, sir request you to can you provide System copy procedure with screen shot and step by step so it will also helpful to others and as well me. we are waiting for your needful reply.


  8. Dear sir,
    U are great soul thanks sir,can i get your gmail id and i already added your follower blog.

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