Most of my working experience is managing and controlling oracle databases. I have come across different awkward scenarios and now a days in a mood to write that here. If you found some goods/bad please post me, feel free to copy and modify and use But Please Remember that I am not responsible for any consequences on any kind of modifications.

Some of these scripts written by me, and may be there are some also inspired from different books and website, modified to made suitable according to my needs and these are my collection. Normally I have the reference and I will acknowledge the sources of something which I have copied intact (not modified).

Purpose of this blog is once again not to do any business neither to advertise…It is my own corner with my own odd thinking.

********* Index of Collected Oracle DBA Scripts**********
SrlNo. Subject Line
How Many Indices
02. Which table to analyze?
03. Check Index Health
05. What is going on PGA ?
06. Identify Indices to Rebuild
SrlNo. Subject Line

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