My new hobby…

I have recently created this photo blog, and trying to learn how to take photographs. Obviously, lot of them having issue because I am not working with stands, and I need quite a more time to adjust myself for photography…..”Snaps from trembling hands” is here for my visitors for some moment to stop by…..

I dared to give photoblogging also a though after getting some good response on Dotspin. Atleast by this way, my blogging will never stop….Writing or Picture sharing….at least anyone go…..This will always help to reach and express me to larger family…..

The Circle is not enough………

Thanks to all of you in advance……

Solution Manager? way forward..

Gradually SAP is making solution manager a jumbled up product. For mostly every transaction is going to browser and incredibly slow execution.

And when they will bring the compartments? Basic configuration forcing us to jumble up with lot of other configurations as well as lot of pesky java errors.

Every time you approach SAP you will listen about updating to latest support packs and application of latest support packs actually are creating new users, new authorisation and led you through entire process of reconfiguration….

And you never know when some odd red button will appear just like a village bumps on the road…….

After a long absence…

After a long period of absence, I posted something today and once again sat with some materials of writing on SAP monitoring ……Configuration of of central monitoring system with Solution Manager etc….How about  creating a new section as ‘/log’? Logs and alerets are something indispensibale part of the monitoring….

Another small piece of information I forrgot….

I was preparing a document on solution manager configuration. I was going thru my old piece of papers where I used to scribble thru with some vital informations….Thought before organising better to write it here….

Note 796998 – CCMS: Setting titles for alert mails
Note 176492 – Automatic email when an alert occurs (RZ20)
Note 1525363 – CCMS: Client and User fields in alert email
Note 934834 – CCMS: CCMS_OnAlert_Email parameter TIME_ZONE

Very important to use with escalation
Note 617547 – RZ20: Sending alerts as mail and SMS

All these are actually read and used during configuration of central monitoring…….

Oracle patching with minimum downtime.

Here is some important SAP notes on this topics.
Note 1696869 – Strategy for Patching of Oracle Homes with Minimal Downtime
Note 1524205 – Installation Oracle home” and Run-time Oracle home .

Apparently it seems interesting, but how far? Need to understand and then findout someone who did it successfully. How much do it really possible to accomplish in a huge database with 24X7 availability.

Till to understand, how much really downtime is reduced and which are the point of no returns?

Smaller or bigger?

A few minutes back, downloaded WordPress Android to try it out on my mobile. When android application are being reviewed one thing we must understand that these are very usefull and tiny application. And they are almost doing the same. The disk and the memory footprint used by these programs are one to tens of hundreds of their big brothers being used in PCs or notebooks. And they are just not too slow (although the oldest computing devices were too fast compare to computing speed of maximum human being …..So I still do not understand what is too slow as far as it is not games)…….

Real eager to see those smalls are conquring the PC and Laptops….

Some astonished reading…

Although I thought, I would write only my experiences working with SAP, Oracle etc, I recently saw this eye catching article and the related debates…But definitely this worth reading……

Sayonara Sony: How Industrial, MBA-Style Leadership Killed a Once Great Company

the no of call-outs coming out actually poking a thought how much does the MBA thought and Communism defers?

What do You think?


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